Yvette “Diva” Williams hails from Denver Colorado by way of Queens, New York. A lover of all music, she is influenced by Latin, Classical, and Jazz which is reflected in her compositions. With her mother, a classical pianist, and her father skilled in Latin Percussion and six other instruments, Yvette was destined to perform.

Yvette is known as “The Diva” from her years as an on-air radio personality. Her debut CD is “Diary of a Diva” has been re-released in 2013 with her new book of the same title.
The CD “Holiday Harmony: A Diva’s Christmas” is her acapella yuletide experience.

“Diva” has opened for national acts such as Destiny’s Child, Will Downing, Gerald Albright, Alex Bugnon, and Bobby Womack. She treasures the evening she shared the stage with Tito Puente in one of his final performances, and regularly brings sports crowds to their feet with her rendition of The Star Spangled Banner.

Music aside, “Diva” has always been progressive in her communities. She is a fitness trainer, sport nutritionist, voice-over artist, keynote speaker, award-winning journalist, and community leader. She holds a Masters Degree in creative writing, and will complete her Doctorate of Education in 2013.

“My music and words are honest and real. For anyone who has been hurt via life, love, or loss, perhaps my words and music can offer comfort in knowing that you are not crazy and you are not alone. Remember, there is no testimony without a test.”